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Account Managament System (AMS)

Account Management System (AMS) is a unique, original solution of the network. It is a modular and integrated centre of account configuration for the clients of the network.

Each account in our system, both FTP/WWW and e-mail has access to practically all possibilities of configuration options with the help of easy to use, comfortable and powerful tool that is Account Management System. The connection with AMS is always encrypted by a secure SSL protocol, that secures not only confidentiality of transfers information but also its integrity. It means that there is no possibility of swapping information without knowing the keys during transmission through the web. Using AMS the client can in own capacity and at any time make changes to the account configuration.

The system is continuously developed, in connection with this from time to time some new useful options appear. It's a well-known fact that there are no perfect programmes, so we would like you to send any information concerning AMS operation to

Account Managament System is available under the address and enables the following options:

  • For all accounts
    • Obtaining information and precise account parameters
    • Account password change
    • Accounts management in the range of all accounts in the service or all client accounts (for Service/Client administrators)
    • Information about current payment status, invoices issued and arrears
    • Account activity record each option change is registered and possible to recover
  • For Internet access
    • Tariff plan change
  • For e-mail accounts
    • Automatic outlook express configuration with one click on the website
    • Aliases defining
    • Broad possibilities of SMS notification configuration. Also to Idea and Era through our own tunnel to the operators
    • Setting mail redirecting
    • Blocking mail from given addresses
    • Setting automatic self-teaching antispam system
    • Autoresponder configuration - mail answering program
    • and other
  • For WWW/FTP accounts
    • Subscription support (configuration, analysis, sending)
    • Subfolder password defining
    • Defining subdomains in defined domains
    • Setting visit counter, statistics and news system
  • Creating additional accounts, task of which is the particular options of AMS service. Each such account has assigned rights, what helps e.g. to transfer an employee to complete news at the same time without giving access to password change and subscription system service

How to get access to AMS?